#MAANWORKSHOP 2019 – Day 2: Morning Dars, Health Talk and Exercise


#MAANWORKSHOP 2019 – On Day 2 of the MAAN 2019 workshop – Solatul Tahajjud was led by Maulvi Abdul Lateef Adeola Ilori at around 4:30am followed by Solatul Fajr at around 5:40am.

Dars-ul Qur’an: Suratul Anfal (Q 8:25) – Lecturer: Maulvi Abdus Samad Awwal


Dars-ul Hadith: The worst feast is the one to which only the wealthy have been invited – Lecturer: Maulvi Abdul Lateef Adeola Ilori

Malfoozat: Be with the Living and not the Dead – Lecturer: Brother Tajudeen Abdus Salam

Health Talk: Precaution against Accidental Injuries – Lecturer: Dr. Nasirudeen A. Bello

Physical Exercise session:


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