Tarbiyat (Moral Training)


“O ye who believe! Save yourselves and your families from a Fire whose fuel is men and stones, over which are appointed angels, stern and severe, who disobey not Allah in what He commands them and do as they are commanded.” (66:7)


It shall be the duty of Qaid Tarbiyat (Moral Training) to take necessary steps for the development of true Islāmic character amongst members of Majlis Ansārullāh.


In his Friday sermon of April 23, 2010, Hadhrat Khalifatul Messiah V (May Allah be his helper) instructed us that, “The greatest responsibility lays with the head of the household, the man. He should save his children from the Fire from which God has saved him.”


  • Encourage and assist all Ansar members to watch/listen/read Huzoor’s (ABA) Friday Sermons (every week) and discuss with their families.
  • Regularly contact inactive Ansār and invite them to Ansar monthly meetings, Friday prayer services, Mosque, Salat centers etc.
  • Encourage and provide support to members to offer Congregational Salat through the Mosque, Salat center, and home
  • Facilitate founding new Salat centers where needed.
  • Understand Nizam-e-Wasiyyat. Encourage all Ansar to read the book “The Will” and help join this blessed scheme.
  • Maintain records of all tarbiyat Reports.


Saving ourselves and our household from the Fire, as mentioned in verse 66:7, is not an easy and simple task. The world around us is negligent about this fire and always inviting us to neglect this warning of Allah. In addition to that invitation, the ever-changing social environment around us is bringing a new challenge for us to fight that Fire. We are fortunate though, that every Friday we receive fresh guidance from Khalifatul Messiah, in the form of Sermons, which can help us tremendously to address those challenges.

It is Huzoor’s advise that if we listen to his sermons regularly with our families then we will be able to overcome most of these challenges.

Keeping this advice in mind, this year each Ansar monthly meeting will revolve around a particular Sermon of Huzoor related to some moral challenges we face in everyday life. In addition to discussing a selected Sermon in the monthly meeting, it is expected that members listen to every Friday Sermon regularly with their families. So all of us benefit from the Sermon and create a culture and atmosphere of listening Huzoor’s Sermon at every home and leave a legacy for our future generation.

To watch, listen or read Huzoor’s Friday sermon you can visit following sites:


Observance of five daily prayers is a fundamental tenet of Islam. There is a dire need exert utmost efforts on this. Zaim Majlis and Muntazim Tarbiyat should support Jama’at Secretary Tarbiyat in the following aspect of Tarbiyat:

1 Special attention should be given to increase attendance at mosques and Salat-centers.
2 Constant reminders should be given, which emphasize the importance of Salat.
3 Every Ahmadi man is obliged to observe five daily prayers. It is particularly obligatory for men to offer Fajr and Isha’ prayers in congregation at the nearest mosque or Salat center. This should be done with special devotion.
4 In order to increase Salat attendance, the following method should be put in place:
• Fifteen minutes prior to the Salat, a text/Whatsapp reminder should be sent to those members of the area, who usually do not come for Salat.
• A chain system can be introduced by calling each other.
• One person should be called and he should call the next person to remind and so on.
5 Those members, who, due to distance or lack of transportation, find it difficult to come to the mosque or Salat center, could be offered the following facility:
• Smaller areas could be formed within a Majlis/Jama’at.
• If this is done with persistence, there can be a substantial improvement in the attendance.
6 The house of any Ahmadi could serve as a Salat-center, where members could offer congregational prayers. The Salat-center being at someone’s house will be a great source of blessings for the household. Ladies and children of that household will also get the opportunity to observe Salat If there is no such Ahmadi household is found in the area then an alternative place could be rented for that purpose, with the prior approval of National Jama’at, USA or Majlis Ansarullah, USA.
7 In such places, where there is a mosque available, but members live at a distance, one or more Salat-centers should be established after a careful assessment